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With a minimum tenure of just 1 year

Enjoy the luxury of driving a car

No long-term monetary commitments

Enjoy a hassle-free experience when you lease a car from us

Benefits of
Long Term Car Leasing

Car Leasing in Singapore

With our comprehensive long-term car leasing options in Singapore, you can drive without worrying about depreciation or maintenance costs. Whether you are looking to lease a car for personal or business use, our solutions cater to various needs.

Long Term Car Rental Services

Comprehensive Package

Lease a car for a minimum period of 12 months and enjoy the peace of mind with our refundable deposit policy. Experience flexibility and convenience with our long-term leasing options.

Lease Buyback Scheme

You can lease to own a car for a period and then have the option to buy it back, providing you with greater flexibility.

Corporate Car Leasing

If you're a business owner or require multiple vehicles for corporate use, our car leasing services are the ideal solution.

flexible lease tenure

inclusive of road tax, insurance, service & maintenance 

24/7 breakdown and recovery service in singapore and malaysia

replacement car provided

delivered to your doorstep

dedicated account manager

conserving lines of credit

peace of mind with zero risk on depreciation


  • We are the official leasing partner for BMW, Ford, Peugeot and BYD vehicles in Singapore, backed by the Sime Darby Motors Group

  • Lease with confidence as our established presence since 1982 brings over a decade of expertise in the car leasing industry

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Different Car Lease For Different Needs

When it comes to car leasing, we believe there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each individual has their own unique requirements and preferences. With a variety of car leasing schemes available, we’re here to cater to every need.

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Our comprehensive lease packages covers the full servicing and maintenance of the vehicles leased, road tax and insurance payments. In the case of any downtime, rest assured that we will provide you with a replacement vehicle.


Lease to Own is the perfect alternative to car ownership, without the hefty upfront payment. Choose from your preferred lease tenure, and during the end of your lease tenure, you'll have the option to buyback the vehicle at a pre-determined price.

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Request for a quote

Request for a quote

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